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Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

Houston, TX Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking companies have the duty to the traveling public to make sure its drivers are qualified and well-trained, and that its internal company policies encourage safe driving. Often, however, trucking companies fall short or deliberately ignore their legal duty in order to boost the company's bottom line with quick deliveries.

What is the Difference between a Semi-Truck and 18-Wheeler?

A “semi-truck” or “semi” is the part of the actual truck or tractor which contains the engine, and does not include the big trailer being pulled behind it. An “18-wheeler” refers to the combination of a semi and its trailer, which when combined, typically have eighteen wheels. Another name for an 18-wheeler is “tractor trailer.”

The legal weight for an 18-wheeler is 80,000 pounds and with special excess weight permits can weigh even more. In comparison, the average automobile weighs approximately 5,000 pounds. The amount of time needed to stop an 18-wheeler is 40 times greater than for a passenger car. A loaded 18-wheeler going 55 mph will need about two football fields of road to come to a complete stop.

Types Of Houston Truck Accidents

Our Houston, TX Truck Accident lawyers handle injury cases for those involved in 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, box trailers and other large truck accidents including:

  • Rear-End Collision Accidents
  • Wide Turns Accidents
  • Improper lane Change Accidents
  • Blind Spot Accidents
  • Jackknife Accidents
  • Head-on Collisions Accidents
  • Underride Accidents
  • Tire Blowout Accidents
  • Runaway Trailer Accidents
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Improperly loaded cargo Accidents

Common Causes Of Houston, TX Truck Accidents

An accident with a commercial truck, such as an 18-wheeler can be deadly. Common reasons for truck accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Wide Turns
  • Improper lane Change
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Disregarding traffic control signals
  • Careless driving
  • Bald tires
  • Distracted driving (e.g., texting/using cell phone)
  • Inexperienced or improperly trained drivers
  • Driver fatigue (FMCSA hours of service violations)
  • Maintenance issues
  • Failure to properly secure a load
  • Negligent hiring, supervision and retention
  • Drug use and impaired driving
  • Lack of blind spot mirrors 

Who are the Top Trucking Companies?

The following are the various trucking companies involved in carrying cargo:

  • Amazon
  • FedEx Freight
  • Old Dominion Freight Line
  • XPO Logistics
  • YRC Freight
  • Estes Express Lines
  • UPS Freight
  • ABF Freight System
  • R+L Carriers
  • Saia Motor Freight Line
  • Southeaster Freight Lines
  • Holland
  • Averitt Express
  • Central Transport International
  • Forward Air
  • Dayton Freight Lines
  • Pitt Ohio Transportation Group
  • AAA Cooper Transportation
  • Roadrunner Transportation
  • Reddaway
  • A. Duie Pyle
  • New England Motor Freight
  • New Penn Motor Express
  • Daylight Transport
  • Central Freight Lines
  • Oak Harbor Freight Lines
  • Swift Transportation
  • Schneider National
  • J.B. Hunt Transport Services
  • Landstar System
  • Prime
  • Werner Enterprises
  • CRST International
  • U.S. Xpress Enterprises
  • Daseke
  • Crete Carrier Corp.
  • Knight Transportation
  • Ryder Systems
  • CR England
  • Penske Logistics
  • Roadrunner Transportation
  • Celadon Group
  • Ruan Transportation Management Services
  • Covenant Transportation Group
  • Western Express
  • Anderson Trucking Service
  • Stevens Transport
  • Cardinal Logistics
  • Heartland Express
  • Mercer Transportation
  • Marten Transport

If you are involved in a truck accident with one of these trucking companies, call the Houston, TX Truck Accident lawyers at Hernandez Sunosky, LLP. 

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